Forsyth County Detention Center Lock and Control Upgrade

The Challenge

DSI Innovations LLC was hired to complete a large-scale, multimillion dollar security-based project that included upgrading the lock and control systems of the 11-floor Forsyth County Sheriff’s Detention Center. The new security system had to control locks and doors, lighting, and fire equipment in the 400,000 square foot facility. In addition, the new system had to make the lock-up less vulnerable to power surges and potential
escapes by the 1,000-plus people housed there.

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The Actions

DSI installed a fiber optic system with an Ethernet backbone. This system was chosen because it required less maintenance than the Detention Center’s old
system and it would not be as vulnerable to downtime due to power surges or other problems. The control system network consisted of 14 PLCs and HMIs on a fiber ethernet Network with one PLC and HMI per inmate area, a PLC and HMI in several common areas, and one PLC and HMI in the Master Control area. DSI programmed the system so that the Master Control could override the other areas as needed in the event of a lockdown.

The system was designed to operate locks and doors, intercoms, PA systems and lighting controls throughout the 400,000 square foot facility. The system was installed one floor at a time. As each floor was re-wired, inmates were moved to other floors for increased security. In addition to cell floors, the project included ancillary services, the medical intake area, and the master control. The center’s fire control system was also integrated into the new security system.

The Results

For this project, it was imperative that DSI design the system and plan the installation so the Detention Center’s old security system would remain operational throughout the install. “Lock & Control is the most important function of the Detention center,” said Captain Stewart Yale, Forsyth County Sherriff’s Office. “Our doors need to stay locked at all times. DSI was able to keep our old system operating while installing the new system to assure that we were secure. I can’t say enough about the precision and work ethic of this company.”

According to Captain Yale the success of the project was also due to the close collaboration between everyone who worked on it. “We had all the right teams on this project,” said Captain Yale. “The installation process was safe and meticulous. The result is a new, cost-efficient system that will assure increased security and ease of operation at the Detention Center.”

The project was such a success that the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office awarded DSI with an Excellence in Service award.

DSI's Forsyth County Appreciation Award
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